Thank you for your interest in Creative Spaces ~ Beautiful Places. Interior Decorating has been a passion of mine my entire life. When I purchased my first home many years ago I found myself continuously shopping to add more of a decorative flair to my home. I was always re-modeling or simply making various changes to my home putting my ideas into action!  I have owned three homes and have taken every opportunity to create a beautiful place for me to live. When selling my homes, realtors have used phrases such as "This is a Wow House", "Truly a Designers Dreamhouse" or "A Beautifully Remodeled Home" when marketing them.

 For many years I have been asked, as a favor, to help friends, family and acquaintances add more character to their homes by re-designing and updating them. As the years have passed, I have received numerous requests for consultations and decorating ideas. All this time, Interior Decorating was "just my hobby"! In recent years I realized that this was not only my hobby, but that it was and continues to be my niche!

  More recently, I was given the opportunity to completely remodel, update, and decorate an entire home built in 1952 on Cape Cod. This house was 60 years old and had never been updated. After much planning and a lot of consideration given to what the most suitable remodel job should be, I turned this house into a Showplace and the valuation of this house increased substantially. Today,this house is worth more than $1,000,000 

 For me, Interior Decorating simply started by me simply helping those who reached out to me.  I have turned houses into "homes" and have satisfied many as they watched their ideas become a reality. Today I am proud to be the owner of my own Interior Decorating/Home Staging business: Creative Spaces ~ Beautiful Places! Clients now hire me for my creative ideas, guidance and my expertise in creating a beautiful space, wherever it may be! Together, we are able to achieve the look and atmosphere they want.   

My relationship with a client is built on trust and intuitively understanding their tastes and needs. I am devoted to each and every client I work for.  While I work for you to create the perfect setting; I remain committed and conscious of any budgetary concerns you may have.

I am proud to say I am "The Affordable Interior Decorator"!